Welcome to mp3Geo!

I love music.

I am thrilled with how digitizing opened up my entire music library in ways I did not foresee when I started the project.

You will be too.

Your project

You are a music lover with a CD collection. But maybe that collection has gone a bit dormant. You want to reconnect with your music. To revisit your personal soundtrack, anytime, anywhere. To rekindle your interest in the hobby. To inspire you to discover great music you have not yet heard.

I can help. My experience with digital music libraries is extensive. I customize the job according to your needs. Whether you want to listen to your new library on your iPod, your Android smartphone, or your home sound system, I can find the soundfile format that is best.

Your music. Your way.

what I do

  1. learn about your equipment and listening preferences
  2. convert your CDs to digital song files
  3. set up your new library on your own computer (if desired)
  4. complete any size project in a matter of days
  5. offer plenty of advice for the novice

thank you for stopping by!

Have a look around the site and contact me with any questions.